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Page 2 - Official Company Interior Postcards
This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of the P&O liner Canberra of 1961, and shows the interiors and open decks as built and in her final years.
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1960s Interior Postcards

P&O-Orient Lines official postcard set of Canberra issued in the 1960s - published by J.Arthur Dixon. The set included the well-known Beken photograph of the ship (serial S.99) plus nine interior/deck views, as shown below. Only the ship view carried a serial number. The set was supplied in a paper envelope, and a similar set was issued for the Oriana of 1960.

P&O-Orient Lines official postcard of Canberra.
J.Arthur Dixon serial S.99.

View of the terraces overlooking the First Class Pool.

The Crow's Nest.
"Observation Lounge, with 41 full-height windows giving a superb forward view."
Compare with the 1990's view

The Bonito Club.
"At night a gay rendezvous for music and dancing."

The Meridian Room.
"A writing room, a library and an annexe called the Menzies Room are incorporated in this area.
At the forward end of the Meridian Room is the Century Bar."
Compare with the 1990's view

The Island Room.
"A vast colourful mural of Ceylon and the Pacific Islands surrounds this room, which has many uses: dances, concerts, games.
In hot weather both sides of the room can be opened on to the deck."

The Cricketers' Tavern.
"Four life-sized portraits, by Ruskin Spear, of W.G.Grace, Sir Donald Bradman, L.N.Constantine and K.S.Ranjitsinhji one side of the room; on the other side are many cricketing items and souvenirs, including club ties, Test caps and autographed bats."
Compare with the 1990's view

The First Class Restaurant.
"Dining on two levels. On the wall is a half-sectional full-sized model of a Manhiki war canoe.
The attractive wood veneer is Indian laurel."
Compare with the 1990's view

The Pop Inn.
"Juke box, TV set, coffee and soft drinks machines - in this room the teenagers can relax and enjoy themselves.

The First Class Playroom.


1990s Interior Postcards

In the final years of service, a set of oversized cards of Canberra were sold in the ship's shop. I believe that these were commissioned by the shop, so were not technically P&O official releases, but they were not available off the ship. They showed the interiors following the post-Falklands War refit.

Canberra arriving at Southampton (serial number: 119).

The Games Deck (serial number: 111).

The Games Deck (serial number: 109).

The View Astern - at Southampton (serial number: 108).

Higher Grade Cabin (serial number: 114).

The Crow's Nest Bar (serial number: 113).
Compare with the 1960's view

The Meridian Lounge (serial number: 120).
Compare with the 1960's view

The Canberra Restaurant (serial number: 116).
Compare with the 1960's view

The Cricketer's Tavern (serial number: 115).
Compare with the 1960's view

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