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ArgoMann Ferry Service
Mann Lines
This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the ArgoMann Ferry Service, running as Mann Lines since 2001. An alphabetical list of ships covered on this page is shown below. Below the table are official postcards of the fleet in alphabetical order.
Mann Lines is part of Mann Group, owned by Mann & Son (London) Ltd based in Harwich, UK. Mann Group was established more than 50 years ago, and specialising in the automotive and forest products industries, the privately-owned Mann Group’s UK agency business, Mann & Son (London) Ltd developed into one of the leading players in the early days of ro-ro shipping with a particular involvement in the Baltic Sea trades. The Group’s own ro-ro terminal, Harwich Navyard Wharf, was one of the first purpose-built ro-ro facilities in the UK.
Mann Lines’ long-established weekly North Sea/Baltic liner ro-ro service now serves the UK via Harwich, Finland via Turku, Estonia, Baltics, Russia and CIS via Tallinn, Poland via Gdañsk and Germany and Benelux via Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Kiel. The current route map is shown below.
The postcards and photographs on this page are not available for sale.
Ships on This Page:-
Amazon - ArgoMann Ferry Service 1999-2001
Estraden - ArgoMann Ferry Service 1999-2001
Estraden - Mann Lines 2001-
Traden - Mann Lines 2001-
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ArgoMann Fleet List
Garden was the first ship used on the ArgoMann service.
This is an official ArgoMann postcard.
Estraden (ArgoMann Ferry Service: 1999)
Amazon (ArgoMann Ferry Service: 1999-2001)
Estraden (Mann Lines: 2001- )
Estraden was built by Aker Finnyards for Rederi AB Engship in 1999, and chartered to ArgoMann. She was renamed Amazon in soon afterwards. In 2001, the charter passed to Mann Lines, and her name reverted to Estraden. Estraden operates a weekly service from Harwich to Cuxhaven, Tallinn and Turku, returning via Bremerhaven.
Ship Details:-
Ro-ro vessel, purpose-built in 1999 by Aker Finnyards in Rauma for the regular ro-ro route Turku-Bremerhaven-Harwich-Cuxhaven-Tallinn/Paldiski-Turku operated by Mann Lines. Vessel is owned by Rederi Ab Engship, Turku. The ship is designed for fast loading and unloading of ro-ro and container cargoes.
Class: LR +100 A 1, Roll On-Roll Off Cargo ship L1m, Ica class 1 A
Home port, flag: Nauvo, Suomi
Length: 162.7 m
Breadth: 25.7 m
Draught: 6.60 m
Tonnage/Gross: 18205 GT
Tonnage/Net: 5462 NT
Deadweight: 9700 DWT
Lane meters: 2270 m (weather deck 960 m, main deck 950 m, lower hold 360 m)
Lane meters surface area: 6600 m2
Free heights: 4.70 m in lower hold, 7.20 m on main deck (6.80 m under hoistable car deck), 4.70 m on weather deck under raised accomodation.
Aker Finnyards builders postcard of Estraden.
Mann Lines photograph of Estraden.
Mann Lines photograph of Estraden.
Mann Lines photograph of Estraden.
Mann Lines photograph of Estraden.
Estraden loading at Harwich on 16th March 2003.
Photo: by Ian Boyle.
Estraden loading at Harwich on 16th March 2003.
Photo: by Ian Boyle.
Three pictures of a First Great Eastern EMU being loaded onto Estraden at Harwich on 16th March 2003.
Photo: by Ian Boyle.
Photo: by Ian Boyle.
Photo: by Ian Boyle.
An ArgoMann brochure showing Estraden, issued before delivery.
Estraden (Mann Lines) at Harwich Navyard with new funnel colours
Photo: © Ian Boyle, February 25th, 2007
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Traden (Mann Lines: 2002- )
Ship Details:-
Ro-ro vessel, built in Rauma in 1977, owned by Rederi Ab Engship, Turku.
Vessel has been in Mann Lines' use since 22.11.02 on the regular route Turku-Tallinn/Paldiski-Gdañsk-Kiel-Bremerhaven-Kiel-Turku.
Class:Lloyds Register +100 A1 LMC UMS 16, Ice class IA.
Home port, flag: Nauvo, Suomi
Length: 129.20 m
Breadth: 19.20 m
Depth: 6.30 m
Tonnage/Gross: 8188 GT
Tonnage/Net: 2457 NT
Deadweight: 5850 DWT
Lane meters:1268 m
Lane meters surface area: 3695 m2
Container capacity: 367 TEUs
Car capacity: 307 pces
Official Mann Lines photograph of Traden.
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