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Costa Postcard Set
Paintings by Stephen J.Card
This page is devoted to a set of postcards issued by Costa Cruises showing ten paintings by Stephen J.Card. My thanks to Dimas Almada for enabling me to show these beautiful postcards.
The artist, Stephen J.Card writes: In 1996 I did a set of ten paintings which are displayed on board the COSTA VICTORIA. Shortly after the ship entered service, the ten paintings were reproduced as a set of collector cards, printed to a very high standard and packed in an embossed folder which contained historical notes. I believe Costa printed about 5,000 sets, which sold out very quickly. They did not reprint. A real shame.
Ship Names on this Page:-
Andrea C
Anna C
Bianca C
Carla C
Costa Romantica
Enrico C
Eugenio C
Federico C
Franca C
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Anna C (1948-71)
Andrea C (1948-81)
Franca C (1952-77)
Federico C (1958-83)
Bianca C (II) (1959-61)
Enrico C (1965-83)
Eugenio C (1966-96)
Carla C - CarlaCosta (1968-92)
Flavia (1968-82)
Costa Romantica (1993- )
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