Cruise Ships 2000
This page shows official and commercial postcards of cruise ships delivered during 2000. These cards are not for sale unless it specifically states otherwise. This page is still under construction.
Cruise ships to be covered are:-
Amsterdam - Holland America Line
Aurora - P&O Cruises
Carnival Victory - Carnival
Columbia Queen - Delta Queen
Costa Atlantica - Costa Cruises
Explorer of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
Katherina Von Bora - Deilmann
Millennium - Celebrity Cruises
Ocean Princess - Princess Cruises
Olympic Voyager - Royal Olympic Cruises
R Five, Six & Seven - Renaissance
Royal Clipper - Star Clippers
Sea Cloud II - Sea Cloud Cruises
Silver Shadow - SilverSea
Viking Rhone - Viking River Cruises
Zaandam - Holland America Line
I do not have postcards of those ships without links, and any help in finding these would be gratefully appreciated.
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Amsterdam - Holland America Line (HAL)
An official HAL postcard of Amsterdam (serial number 30702242, issued 10/2000).
Aurora - P&O Cruises
Aurora entered service in May 2000, built by Meyer-Werft of Papenburg. She was built specifically for the British market, running cruises out of Southampton, and is a development of the Oriana design, but with diesel-electric propulsion. The first cruise was aborted after 18 hours due to overheated propeller shaft bearings. Repairs were carried out in Hamburg, and she ran for over 24 hours at over 24 knots at the start of the third cruise.
Three official cards were available, as shown below:-
This is the Maiden Season card, using the same photo as card PO-F90 above, but with a white border.
Simplon sp2158 Aurora, released September 2000.
Carnival Victory - Carnival Cruise Line
Two Carnival official postcards of Carnival Victory (serial numbers VIC-1 and VIC-2).
An oversized Carnival official postcard of Carnival Victory (shown at standard size).
Costa Atlantica - Costa Crociere
Costa Atlantica was delivered on June 20th 2000, built by Kvaerner Masa Yards, Helsinki. Three sisterships are under construction for Carnival, named Carnival Spirit, Pride and Legend. These will incorporate the usual Carnival funnel design. She has diesel-electric propulsion total 85000 bhp driving Azipod thrusters. She is 85,700 gross tons, 292.5 metres long, and carries 2680 passengers.
An official Costa postcard of Costa Atlantica is shown below.
Explorer of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International
The only RCI official postcard of Explorer on the Seas available on board early 2001. A daytime card was expected soon. My thanks to Hayden Louden for sending me the card.
The daytime RCI official postcard of Explorer on the Seas.
Official Kvaerner Masa-Yards builders postcard (oversized) of Explorer on the Seas, with technical data on the reverse, which can be seen on this link.
Katherina Von Bora - Deilmann
I have been sent this scan of the Katherina von Bora, but I am still looking for an actual copy of this postcard for sale or exchange if anyone can help me.
Millennium - Celebrity Cruises
Millennium was delivered in June 2000, built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St Nazaire. Three sisterships are under construction, the first is named Infinity. She has gas-turbine propulsion total 50000 kW driving podded thrusters. She is 90,228 gross tons, 294 metres long, and carries 2450 passengers.
An official Celebrity postcard of Millennium is shown below, issued prior to completion of the ship.
A later official Celebrity postcard of Millennium.
This postcard of Millennium was produced in St Nazaire where she was built.
A Chantry Classics postcard of Millennium.
This card is not available for sale from Simplon Postcards.
Ocean Princess - Princess Cruises
Ocean Princess was delivered to Princess Cruises early in 2000, built by Fincantieri in Italy. She is the last of four 77,000gross ton sisterships, the others being Sun, Dawn and Sea Princess. She is 261 metres long, and carries 2100 passengers 2400 maximum .
Two official Princess Cruises postcards of Ocean Princess are shown below.
Olympic Voyager - Royal Olympic Cruises
Olympic Voyager was delivered in June 2000, built by Blohm & Voss, hamburg. A sisterships is under construction for delivery in 2001, the Olympic Explorer. She has diesel propulsion total 51400 bhp and an advanced hull form which allowed her to reach a maximum of 29 knots on trials. The service speed is 28 knots, making her the fastest cruise in the world. The high speed allows more adventurous itineraries. She is 24,391 gross tons, 181 metres long, and carries 832 passengers.
Blohm+Voss official builders' card of Olympic Voyager, issued before delivery.
R Five, Six & Seven - Renaissance
An advantage of not giving ships real names is that different postcards are not needed for each ship!
This is the generic postcard for R One to R Nine (the last is due in 2002)
This is another generic Renaissance postcard for R One to R Nine - a nice enough card until one notices the hopelessly skewed horizon. The image below shows the same card adjusted to correct this fault.
Royal Clipper - Star Clippers
Royal Clipper is 439 ft long and carries 227 guests. she has a sail area of 56000 sq ft, and a mast height of 197ft.
She joins Star Flyer and Star Clipper in the Star Clippers fleet.
This is an oversized Star Clippers official postcard.
Silver Shadow - Silversea
Silver Shadow is 2800 gross tons, yet carries only 388 guests (not "passengers"!).
Her debut was in September 2000. A sistership Silver Whisper is due in 2001.
This is an oversized Silversea official postcard.
Viking Rhone - Viking River Cruises
Zaandam - Holland America Line
Zaandam is 60906 gross tons, 238m long, and has a double-occupancy capacity of 1440 passengers, looked after by 647 crew.
This first official postcard of Zaandam uses the same 'incorrect' painting as a card of Volendam, although the 'smoke' has been removed!
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