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This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the Porto Santo Line. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. The Table beneath gives links to complete history pages on selected individual ships. Below the table is a Fleet List in chronological order.
Porto Santo Line acquired the Lobo Marinho (1) in June 1996, for services between Funchal, Madeira, to the Island of Porto Santo. The first trip was on the 8th June. She was converted for side loading, since ro-ro ramps were not installed at both ports until June 2000. The journey takes 2hr 40min. In 2003, Lobo Marinho (1) was replaced by the newbuilding Lobo Marinho (2).
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Lobo Marinho (1) (1996-2003)
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Lobo Marinho I (2003)
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Other names

 Lobo Marinho (1)  Christian IV, Safari

Porto Santo Line Fleet List
Lobo Marinho (1)
Lobo Marinho I
Lobo Marinho was built as the Christian IV by Aalborgs Vaerft A/S, Ålborg, Denmark in 1967 for A/S Kristiansands Dampskipsselskap, Kristiansand, Norway. Christian IV entered service between Kristiansand-Hirtshals in 1968. Soon afterwards, Fred Olsen acquired a majority ownership in Kristiansands DS. Christian IV was sold in 1984 to Malaysian owners Perbadanan National Shipping Line Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, and renamed Pernas Safari. In 1994 Pernas Safari was sold to Endeavour Shipping SA, Valletta, Malta as the Safari and used on a service as Safari Lines betwen Bari-Korfu-Igoumenitsa. In 1996 Safari was bought by Porto Santo Line, Madeira, renamed the Lobo Marinho and put into service between Vila Baleira, Porto Santo and Funchal, Madeira. Lobo Marinho was replaced by a new built ship of the same name in 2003, and was sold to Cabo Verde Line, Praia, Cape Verde Islands, and renamed Lobo des Mares for a service between Mindelo and the island of Praia (one return trip per week).
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.
Postcard of Lobo Marinho.
Photo: © R.M.G.S.
Photograph of Lobo Marinho.
Photo: © Sergio Ferreira.
Scan supplied by Fakta om Fartyg.
Postcard of Lobo Marinho I.
Photo: © R.M.G.S.
Brochure for Lobo Marinho (1), showing interiors.
Brochure for Lobo Marinho (1).
Lobo Marinho (2)
Lobo Marinho (2) was built in 2003 by Baltivsky Zavod, St. Petersburg, Russia, and completed at Estaleiros Navis de Viano do Castelo, Viano do Castelo, Portugal.
Postcard of Lobo Marinho (2).
Postcard of Lobo Marinho (2).
Lobo Marinho (2) at Funchal, Madeira.
Photo: © Dimas Almada, 1st January 2006.
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