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Infante Dom Henrique
Infante Dom Henrique - Vasco da Gama - SeaWind Crown
Infante Dom Henrique, was built in 1961 by Cockerill-Ougree, Belgium, for Cia Colonial de Navegacao. She was 23306 grt, and carried 1018 passengers. Her lines and funnel design show similarities with the contemporary, but much smaller, Belgian Railways ferries on Ostend-Dover services, which were also supplied by Cockerill. She operated on services to Portugal's colonies (Beira in Mozambique) until 1975, by which time the colonies had gained independence, and liner services were no longer necessary. She then operated as a floating hotel until 1988, when she was brought back into service as a cruise ship under the name Vasco da Gama.
The owners of Vasco da Gama were described as Trans World Cruises, and she was initially chartered to German company Neckermann. By 1991, the owners were listed as Arcalia Shipping (owners of Funchal and Princess Danae, which I believe is the same company as Trans World Cruises) with operator Paradise Cruises. She became the SeaWind Crown in this year, supposedly reverting to Vasco da Gama soon afterwards, now operated by SeaWind Cruise Line. In practice, she carried both names in many photographs. Eventually, the official name became SeaWind Crown again. SeaWind Cruise Line was founded by Anastasios (Takis) Kyriakides, who previously founded Regency Cruises, and SeaWind Crown was charterd. SeaWind Cruises joined with Dolphin Cruise Line to form an enlarged Premier Cruise Line, and their new dark blue livery was applied. SeaWind Crown survived as one of the least-changed ocean liners still sailing (externally at least), but she did not re-enter service following the collapse of Premier Cruises. In December 2003 SeaWind Crown remained laid up in Barcelona, following at charter to Spanish cruise operator Pullmantur, but sailed for scrapping soon afterwards.
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Infante Dom Henrique (1961-1975)
Official postcard of Infante Dom Henrique.
Official postcard of Infante Dom Henrique.
Postcard of Infante Dom Henrique and Amélia de Mello of Sociedade Geral (SG), at Lisbon.
Scan: Carlos Monteiro
Scan: Dimas Almada
Vasco da Gama (1988-1991)
An attractive art card of Vasco da Gama produced whilst under conversion from a moored hotel ship back into an active cruise ship. This is an official Neckermann card, produced by her initial charterers. The funnel colours are those of Arcalia Shipping of Lisbon. I have not seen a photographic card showing these colours - the single band being replaced by two narrow bands as shown below.
Chantry Classics card CC/S54 of Vasco da Gama.
A commercial card of Vasco da Gama in SeaWind Cruise Line colours
Issued by the photographer Luis Miguel Correia as serial number LMC009.
She shown in Lisbon in 1991. Ownership is listed as Trans World Cruises, Panama (Arcalia Shipping, Lisbon).
SeaWind Crown (1991-2000)
SeaWind Cruise Line issued a number of attractive cards of Vasco da Gama/SeaWind Crown.
This card at St George's, Grenada, clearly shows both names on the bow.
The card was later reissued with Vasco da Gama removed.
A commercial card from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, again showing a dual-named Vasco da Gama/SeaWind Crown.
Two official SeaWind Cruise Line cards of SeaWind Crown.
The lower one was the final card issued on board, before amalgamation with Premier.
An official SeaWind Cruise Line card of SeaWind Crown, at Curacao.
A CT Publishing card of SeaWind Crown, arriving at Barbados Curacao.
The photograph is by the publisher, Richard Weiss, and the serial number is 081.
Follow this link to see a list of all CT Publishing cruise ship postcards.
Another official SeaWind Cruise Line cards of SeaWind Crown, taken at St Lucia.
This card was chosen for reissue in Premier Cruise Line colours, as shown below.
Photograph of SeaWind Crown at Curacao.
Scan: Peter Raywell
Click to open larger image in new window
Photograph of SeaWind Crown.
Photo: © Ken Murayama, St Lucia, January 5th 1996.
Photograph of SeaWind Crown.
Scan: Ken Murayama.
SeaWind Cruise Line greetings card.
Scan: Ken Murayama.
Card back for the image above.
Scan: Ken Murayama.
Oversized postcard showing SeaWind Crown in Premier Cruise Line colours.
Oversized card showing SeaWind Crown in Premier colours.
Oversized card showing SeaWind Crown in Premier colours.
Advertising card for Brazilian cruises on SeaWind Crown.
Scan: Ken Murayama.
Photograph of SeaWind Crown at Curacao.
Scan: Peter Raywell
Click to open larger image in new window
Simplon Photographs isc2008, released September 2002, showing SeaWind Crown laid up in Barcelona.
She finally sailed for the breakers late 2003.
Photo: © Ian Boyle.
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