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This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the Stena Scandinavica or 1973, later Irish Ferries' St Killian II.
Stena Scandinavica was built by Titovo Brodogradiliste, Kraljevica, Yugoslavia, one of four similar ships delivered between 1972-74. Stena Olympica and Stena Scandinavica carried 1500 passengers with 870 berths on the longer Göteborg-Kiel route, whilst Stena Jutlandica and Stena Danica carried 1800 passengers with 105 berths on the shorter Göteborg-Frederikshavn route. The former pair were later stretched with new centre sections, whereas the the latter pair received a second full-height trailer deck
Stena Scandinavica entered service with Stena Line in 1973 between Göteborg-Kiel, Korsör-Kiel and Göteborg-Frederikshavn. In January 1978, Stena Scandinavica was sold to Irish Continental Line (later Irish Ferries), and renamed St Killian. She remained on charter to Stena Line until May, when she took up her intended Rosslare (and Cork) to Le Havre and Cherbourg routes. In 1981 St Killian was stretched in Amsterdam, increasing length from 124.75m to 156.85m. Passenger capacity increased from 1500 to 2000 (although later reclassified as 1550), and car capacity from 250 to 418. St Killian returned to service in March 1982 as the St Killian II.
St Killian II was laid up during the winter of 1996/97, and again in September 1997. She remained in Le Havre until October 1998, when she was purchsed by Greek owners, transferring to Piraeus for a further period of lay up. She was chartered out as Egnatia III with Hellenic Mediterranean Lines during the summer of 2003, looking extremely smart on a service Patras-Igoumenitsa-Corfu-Brindisi. Egnatia III was laid up again in Keratsini from September 2003.
Stena Scandinavica details:-
Dimensions: 125m x 22m x 5m
Grt/Dwt: 7125/1471 tons
Machinery: Lindholmen/Pielstick 18PC2V diesels
Power: 18,000 kW
Speed: 22.0 knots
Passengers: 1800
Cars: 425
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Stena Scandinavica
(Stena: 1973-78)
Official Stena Line postcard of Stena Scandinavica
St Killian
(Irish Continental: 1978-81)
St Killian II
(Irish Continental: 1981-98)
John Hinde postcard (2/166) of St Killian II at Rosslare.
Innisfallen (5) (ex-Leinster) is on the left.
Photo: P.O'Toole
Medina Star (1998-2002)
Egnatia III (HML charter: 2002- )
St Killian II was replaced with the Normandy, and was laid up in 1997, being sold the following year to Greek owners, who renamed her Medina Star. In 2002 she was chartered to Hellenic Mediterranean Lines and renamed Egnatia III.
Aerial photographs of Egnatia III by George Giannakis.
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