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Soviet Shipping
Soviet Header Page
This page is still under construction!
This is the header to a series of pages devoted to the passenger ships of the Soviet Union.
Soviet Web Pages:-
Soviet Header Page
Soviet Page 1: Soviet Built Ships - vessels built within the Soviet Bloc & satellites
Soviet Page 2: Acquired Ships - vessels acquired by the Soviet Bloc before 1948
Soviet Page 3: Purchased Ships - vessels purchased by the Soviet Bloc after 1948
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Table of Ship Histories


Other names

 Alexandr Pushkin  Marko Polo

 Baltika  Vyasheslav Molotov

 Dmitriy Shostakovich  Paloma, Paloma I

 Fedor Shalyapin  Ivernia, Franconia

 Georg Ots  

 Gruziya  Odessa Sky, Club 1, Van Gogh

 Konstantin Simonov  Francesca, The Iris

 Konstantin Chernenko  Russ

 Leonid Sobinov  Saxonia, Carmania

 Lev Tolstoy  Natasha, Palmira, The Jasmine, Farah

 Maxim Gorkiy  Hamburg, Hanseatic

 Mikhail Sholokov  Mikhail, Ugo Foscolo

 Mikhail Suslov  Pyotr Pervyy, Ocean Empress, Ocean Jewel of St Petersburg

 Pyotr Pervyy  Mikhail Suslov, Ocean Empress, Ocean Jewel of St Petersburg

 Russ  Konstantin Chernenko

 Vyasheslav Molotov  Baltika

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