Tuscania - Nea Hellas - New York
This page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the Anchor Liner Tuscania (2) of 1922. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. Below this a Fleet List in chronological order.
Tuscania (2) was built for the Anchor Line in 1922. She was sold to the General Steam Navigation of Greece, better known as the Greek Line, as their first ship. They acquired her in 1939, although she was returned to Anchor Line management as a British troopship during WW2. Originally named by the Greek Line as Nea Hellas, she was renamed New York in 1955, and was withdrawn in 1959.
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Tuscania (2) - Anchor Line: 1922-1939
Nea Hellas - Greek Line: 1939-1955
New York - Greek Line: 1955-1959
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Tuscania (2)
(Anchor Line: 1922-1939 - 16,991 gt)
1939 sold to Greek Line, renamed Nea Hellas.
Nea Hellas
(Greek Line: 1939-1955)
This card as Nea Hellas was published by F.Cali of Genova.
A Greek Line official as Nea Hellas, given a broader funnel by the artist, to look more modern.
New York
(Greek Line: 1955-1959)
The same Greek Line official image as the card above, re-issued as New York.
Two variations on the same painting, issued as Greek Line officials of New York.
A modern card by CT Publishing of New York, serial number 017.
Photograph by John Blake showing an arrival at Boston in 1956.
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