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Minoan Lines
Page 3: A Brief History of Minoan Lines
This page is one of three devoted to Minoans Lines, and gives a brief history of the company. The early fleet history is shown on Minoan Lines Page 1, whilst the new purpose-built fast ferries are shown on Minoan Lines Page 2.
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A Brief History of Minoan Lines
1972: On May 25th, MINOAN LINES is legally established.
1974: In May, the MINOS is purchased and on July 5th begins to serve the Piraeus - Heraklion route under the flag of MINOAN LINES.
1976: A second ship, the ARIADNE (ex-Tor Hollandia), is added to the Piraeus - Heraklion route, linking Crete with mainland Greece on a daily basis.
1978: KNOSSOS joins the Piraeus - Heraklion route, while the MINOS inaugurates the Piraeus - Chania connection, the second link with Crete.
1981: With the addition of EL GRECO, MINOAN LINES enters the international market, offering service between Patras - Ancona in the Adriatic Sea market.
1985: MINOS is replaced by the FESTOS in the Cretan route.
1986: MINOAN LINES acquires Ro-Ro AGIA GALINI for exclusive use in transporting trucks, trailers and special cargo.
1987: FEDRA, a modern TT-Linie ferry is added to the fleet to cover the increasing demand in the Patras - Ancona route.
1988: A third ship, the luxurious KING MINOS, is added to the Patras - Ancona line.
1990: MINOAN LINES introduce an Italy - Greece - Turkey route, when ARIADNE links Western Europe with the Greek islands and the Turkish coast. The same year, the newly acquired N. KAZANTZAKIS upgrades the services on the Piraeus - Heraklion route.
1991: The new DAEDALUS establishes a new standard in comfort and luxury on the Patras - Ancona route. The newly refurbished EL GRECO links, for the first time, Crete and Ancona directly.
1992: EROTOKRITOS offers an express service linking Ancona and Patras in 24 hours. It also inaugurated the 'Camping on Board' concept, offering a new service for those passengers travelling in their campers and trailers.
1995: The ARETOUSA, built in Norway, begins service on the Patras - Ancona route, offering an express crossing of just 22 hours.
1996: MINOAN LINES orders two more high-speed ferries IKARUS and PASIPHAE.
1997: IKARUS is launched on May 5th in Brucess shipyard in Landskrona, Sweden. IKARUS was delivered in December 1997 according to schedule, while its sister ship PASIPHAE was delivered in June 1998. In July, a new company, MINOAN LINES Highspeed, is added to the activities of MINOAN LINES, with its new catamaran Highspeed 1 built entirely of aluminium. The Highspeed 1 was built in 1996 at the Royal Schelde dockyards of Holland.
1998: MINOAN LINES announces an agreement with the Italian shipyards FINCANTIERI to build two new, highspeed conventional ferries, for the line PIRAEUS - HERAKLION. These ships will reduce in half the travelling time on the PIRAEUS - HERAKLION, to about 6 hours instead of 12 hours needed previously.
On Friday November 20th, Minoan Lines signed, a shipbuilding contract for two new Ro-Pax ferries with SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd. The first ferry is to be delivered at the end of the second half of 2000, while the second ferry at the end of the first half of 2001. The first two Ro-Pax Highspeed Ferries will achieve a service speed of 28.5 knots.
The foundation of MINOAN FLYING DOLPHINS was announced to the public, in December 1998. MINOAN FLYING DOLPHINS was established by merging CERES HYDROFOILS with MINOAN LINES HIGHSPEED FERRIES and MINOAN LINES.
1999: On October 12th 1999, it is announced the order of one more highspeed vessel, which is the third of the High Speed Ferries currently under construction at the SAMSUNG Shipyard. The new highspeed vessel is going to serve the Piraeus - Chania route on May 2001 and the travelling time will be 5 hours only. MINOAN LINES continues its fleet renewal by increasing the orders for new highspeed ferries from 5 to 7 at the Italian FINCANTIERI shipyard. On October 1999, MINOAN LINES announces its agreement with the Italian FINCANTIERI shipyards, for the building of two new Highspeed ferries. On November 1999, the foundation of a new subsidiary, HELLAS FERRIES is announced. This company's fleet will be made up of all the older technology vessels of MINOAN FLYING DOLPHINS.
2001: First of the purpose-built fast ferries, Aretousa of 1995, sold to CMN.
2001 Minoan Lines Route Map
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