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Isle of Wight Services
Page 1: LBCSR & LSWR Joint Fleet
This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of Isle of Wight railway-operated ferries. Ferries operating from Portsmouth were part of the LBSCR/LSWR Joint Fleet. Ferries operating from Lymington were LSWR-owned. Both service passed to the Southern Railway in 1923, and British Railways in 1948.
An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. Beneath this is a fleet list in chronological order.
Ships on This Page:-
Mayflower - 1866-1910
Victoria - 1881-1899
Lymington (1) - 1883-1927 (LSWR-owned)
Duchess of Edinburgh - 1884-1910
Duchess of Connaught - 1884-1910
Princess Margaret - 1893-1928
Duchess of Kent - 1897-1933
Duchess of Fife - 1899-1929
Duchess of Richmond - 1910-1915
Duchess of Norfolk - 1911-1937
Solent (3) - 1902-1948 (LSWR-owned)
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Isle of Wight - Page 3 - British Railways passenger ferries from 1948-90
Isle of Wight - Page 4 - Car Ferries
Wightlink - Page 1 - Privatised car ferries from 1990
Wightlink - Page 2 - Privatised fast ferries from 1990
Gosport Ferry Limited
Red Funnel
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LBCSR & LSWR Joint Fleet
Mayflower (1866-1910)
Victoria (1881-1899)
Lymington (1) (1883-1927)
Duchess of Edinburgh (1884-1910)
Duchess of Connaught (1884-1910)
Princess Margaret (1893-1928)
Duchess of Kent (1897-1933)
The Duchess of Kent in 1897, for Isle of Wight services from Portsmouth. She served in this area until 1933, when she was sold to the New Medway SP Co as the Clacton Queen in the autumn of 1933. She took the place of the City of Rochester on the Ipswich-Clacton run, and also appeared on the Strood-Southend route.
The Clacton Queen was sold in November 1935 to Mersey & Blackpool Steamship Company, for a short-lived service from Liverpool to New Brighton, Blackpool and Fleetwood as the Jubilee Queen. The service operated from Easter 1936 until June only. In July Jubilee Queen was transferred to the Jubilee Shipping Company who also ran a few trips from Liverpool to Blackpool, but this was even more short-lived than the previous venture. the colours at this time were black hull, white saloons and a yellow funnel with red band and black top. At the end of July, Jubilee Queen was acquired by S.B.Kelly, and on 9th August initiated a service from Barrow to Blackpool and/or Fleetwood (when tidal conditions prevented access to Blackpool North Pier). In practice the calls at Blackpool ceased the following day, and subsequent trips were all to Fleetwood, the last being on 13th September. Jubilee Queen was sold for scrap in 1937.
Duchess of Fife (1899-1929)
Solent (3) (1902-1948)
Photographic postcard of Solent (3)
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Photographic postcard of Solent (3)
Duchess of Richmond (1910-1915)
Duchess of Norfolk (1911-1937)
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