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Jadrolinija Header Page
This is the header to a series of pages devoted to the passenger ships and ferries of Jadrolinija.
Jadrolinija is a Croatian sea shipping company founded in Rijeka on 20 January 1947 as an extension of various smaller shipping companies which operated along the Croatian coast since 1872. Jadrolinija is a state-owned company and its main mission is connecting Croatian island to the mainland by operating regular passenger and cargo transport services. The company mainly operates car ferries on domestic routes along the Croatian coast, as well as international routes across the Adriatic Sea to Italy (to ports at Ancona and Bari).
Jadrolinija currently operates a fleet of 56 vessels (5 large ferries used on long range and international routes, 37 smaller ferries used for local passenger service, 8 catamarans, 1 hydrobus and 5 conventional ships) with a total carrying capacity of 3,600 vehicles and 27,540 passengers. In 2007 Jadrolinija transported a total of 9.4 million passengers and 2.4 million automobiles.
My particular thanks to Ivo Batricevic for translations and help with the images and information on these pages, and to Marijan Zuvic for permission to use information from his book BRODOVI I SUDBINE 1947 - 2007 (see references). Thanks also to Neven Jerkovic, Burkhard Schütt, Micke Asklander, Anton Heuff, Igor Brboleza, Petar Milin, Miloš Sluga Jr and Ken Muryama for use of images and providing further information.
Jadrolinija Web Pages:-
Jadrolinija Header Page - This page!
Jadrolinija Page 1a - Pre-war Jugoslavian passenger ships at 1947 (built before 1911)
Jadrolinija Page 1b - Pre-war Jugoslavian passenger ships at 1947 (built 1911-1947)
Jadrolinija Page 2 - Passenger ships 1947-
Jadrolinija Page 3 - Car Ferries 1947-1990
Jadrolinija Page 4 - Car Ferries 1991-1997
Jadrolinija Page 5 - Car Ferries 1998-
Jadrolinija Page 6 - Fast Ferries
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BRODOVI I SUDBINE 1947 - 2007 (Ships and Destiny 1947-2007)
Publisher Jadrolinija Rijeka for publisher Loncar
Editor Marijan Zuvic - Copyright 2007

BIJELA FLOTA HRVATSKOGA JADRANA 1872-1947-1997 (White Fleet From the Croatian Sea 1872-1947-1997)
Publisher Jadrolinija Rijeka
Editor Zeljko Luzavec - Copyright authors 1997 (many authors)
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Table of Ship Histories
Other names
 Adriana  Aquarius
 Istra  Astra, Astra I, Arion
 Lovrjenac  Norris Castle (3)
 Marco Polo  Marko Polo
 Nehaj  Cowes Castle
 Sis  Netley Castle
 Sveti Krsevan  

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