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Norddeutsche Lloyd (NDL)
North German Lloyd
NDL Header Page
This page is one of a series devoted to postcards and photographs of Norddeutsche Lloyd (NDL). A list of NDL pages is shown below. Below this list there is a table of individual ship histories.
NDL was formed in 1856 to operate a shipping service between Bremerhaven and New York. Before the First World War, they built up an impressive fleet including four famous four-stackers. In 1913 they carried 240000 transatlantic passengers. All the lines' remaining ships were seized by the allies at the end of the war. Services resumed in 1922, and the lines' recovery allowed the delivery of the magnificent 50000grt sisters Bremen and Europa in 1929 and 1930. The line again lost its whole fleet during and after World War 2, and did not restart passenger services again until the Swedish American Line Gripsholm was bought in 1954. She was followed by another Bremen (ex-Pasteur) and Europa (ex-Kungsholm). The latter two ships were transferred to the combined Hapag-Lloyd fleet on 1st September 1970. The subsequent history of this combined fleet is covered on this link.
NDL Pages:-
NDL Header Page - this page!
NDL - Page 1 - up to 1899
NDL - Page 2 - 1900-1914
NDL - Page 3 - 1915-1939
NDL - Page 4 - 1940-1970
HAPAG Lloyd - 1970-
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Table of Ship Histories
 Other Names
 Berlin (IV)  Gripsholm (I)
 Bremen (V)  Pasteur, Regina Magna
 Europa (II)  Kungsholm (III), Columbus C

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