Updated Pages - January 2006
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31st January 2006:-
Trinity House - Patricia (3) - New images of Trinity House Yacht Patricia (3) at the D-Day 50th Anniversary in 1994
New Zealand Railways Ferries - New images of Arahanga
Blue Funnel Cruises - New images of Leisure Scene, currently the Golden Jubilee of Capital Pleasure Boats
30th January 2006:-
UK Excursion Ships - New header page linking to pages on UK excursion ships and ports
Hythe-Southampton Ferries - New images of Hotspur IV and Hythe Hotspur
IOMSPCo - Mona's Isle (5) - New images of Mona's Isle (5) at Liverpool and Llandudno
29th January 2006:-
Swan Hellenic Cruises - New images of Minerva II and Tarsus
Brightlingsea - New page showing photographs and postcards of the Essex fishing port
Wivenhoe - New page showing photographs and postcards of the Essex River Colne port
26th January 2006:-
River Thames - Capital Pleasure Boats - New images of Sundance and Golden Jubilee
Madeira Cruise Ships - New page showing cruise ships at Madeira
25th January 2006:-
Hythe-Southampton Ferries - New ferries added: Hotspur (1), Hotspur II, Hotspur III and Hythe Hotspur
24th January 2006:-
Fraissinet - General Mangin - New postcard of Eastern Queen
Paquet - Mermoz - New postcard of Mermoz originally sister of General Mangin, but much rebuilt
Cunard - Aquitania - New postcard of Aquitania
Southern Railway - Dinard - New images of Dinard of 1924 at St Malo in the 1930s
23rd January 2006:-
TEF - Wisteria (2) - New images of Wisteria (2), ex-Prinses Beatrix and Duc de Normandie
Ferryways - Hoburgen - New images of Hoburgen chartered from Rederi AB Gotland
20th January 2006:-
Regie voor Maritiem Transport (RMT) - Header page to a new series on Belgian Railways ferries (some pages under construction)
19th January 2006:-
Sealink - Hengist - New page with complete history of Hengist, including later service in Greece
Sealink - Horsa - New page with complete history of Horsa, including later service in Greece
18th January 2006:-
Isles of Scilly - Scillonian - Many new images of the 1956 Scillonian (2) as Devonia, Devoniun and Syllingar
17th January 2006:-
Sealink - Vortigern - New page with complete history of Vortigern, including later service in Greece
16th January 2006:-
British Railways/Sealink - Harwich - New images of St George and St Edmund in 1979
14th January 2006:-
British Railways/Sealink - Dover - New postcard images of Hengist and Horsa
13th January 2006:-
Dart Pleasure Craft - New page on Devon excursion boat company
12th January 2006:-
P&O - Iberia - New images of the Iberia of 1954, including accident damage in 1956
SNCF - French Railways - New pages devoted to Compiegne and Chantilly
SNCF - French Railways - New images of Transcontainer 1 and Saint-Germain
Cobelfret - New image of Belvaux of 1978
11th January 2006:-
7 New Chantry Classics Postcards - for sale from Harold Jordan Postcards - 5 photos by Simplon including QE2
HAPAG - Europa - New image of Europa of 1999 in Mombasa
Spido - New images of Supperclub Cruise, ex-Pieter Caland
River Thames - New images of Royalty, Suerita, Queen Elizabeth (3), Golden Star and Royal Princess
10th January 2006:-
Shaw Savill - Page 3 - New postcard images of Arawa (3)
British Railways/Sealink - Page 6 - New postcard images of Falaise
British Railways/Sealink - Page 7 - New postcard images of Maid Of Kent, Normannia and Vortigern
Fleetwood-Knott End - New postcard image of Lunevale
9th January 2006:-
American Hawaii - New postcard image of Liberté
Red Funnel - Paddle steamers - New postcard image of Lorna Doone (1)
New Zealand Shipping Co - Page 4 - New postcard image of Rangitoto
IOMSPCo - Page 3 - New postcard image of Lady of Mann of 1930
8th January 2006:-
Hurtigruten - Page 1 - New postcard images of Ariadne, Astrea and Nordstjernen (1)
Princess - Royal Princess - New Princess postcard images of Royal Princess
P&O Princess Cruises - Page 1 - New P&O postcard image of Spirit of London
SeaEscape - Scandinavian Sun - New postcard image
DFDS - Scandinavia - New postcard images as Scandinavia and Stardancer
Admiral Cruises - New postcard images of Stardancer
6th January 2006:-
Mesageries Maritimes - Page 4 - New postcard images of Pasteur
5th January 2006:-
Union-Castle - Page 4 - New postcard image of Stirling Castle
Cunard - Queen Mary - New postcard image of the 1936 Queen Mary with Queen Elizabeth
Cunard - Queen Elizabeth - New postcard image of the 1940 Queen Elizabeth at New york
4th January 2006:-
British Railways/Sealink - Page 7 - New postcard images of Dover/Folkestone ferries Invicta, Maid of Orleans and Lord Warden
Anchor Line - Page 2 - New postcard image of Castalia (2)
Anchor Line - Page 3 - New postcard images of Britannia (3), Caledonia (4), California (3), Cilicia and Circassia (3)
Lubeck Line - New postcard image of Nordland
Swan Hellenic - New postcard images of Minerva II and Ankara
3rd January 2006:-
Flagship Cruises - Kungsholm (4) - New images of Kungsholm (4)
Phoenix Reisen - Maxim Gorkiy - New photos of Maxim Gorkiy at Tokyo by Ken Murayama
Swedish America - Gripsholm (2) - New official Regency Cruises cards of the Regent Sea
Elbe-Ferry - Page updated to show earlier Elbe-Fähre on same route 1969-1981
Strandfaraskip Landsin - New page on Faroe Islands ferry company
Smyril Line - New page on Smyril Line showing Norröna (1) and Norröna (2)
2nd January 2006:-
P&O - Artemis - New official P&O card of the Artemis
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