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Updated Pages
September-December 2007
31st December 2007:-
London Duck Tours - new page added on amphibious Thames tours
Thames - Capital Pleasure Boats - newly uploaded June 2006 images of Golden Star, Golden Jubilee and Brunel (latter since sold)
Thames Cruises - Hurlingham - newly uploaded June 2006 images of Hurlingham, built by Salters in 1915 for Joseph Mears
30th December 2007:-
Soviet - Baltika - new postcard images of the 1940 Soviet liner
Thames - City Cruises - Princess Rose - new page added on Princess Rose with images tenering The World at Greenwich in September 2007
27th December 2007:-
Cobelfret - Ursine - new images of Cobelfret's Ursine on charter to P&O Ferries at Rotterdam-Europoort
P&O Ferries - new postcard of Pride of Bruges and images of chartered Ursine
De Majesteit - new image of ex-Rhein paddlesteamer now at Rotterdam
24th December 2007:-
Tallinn Trams & Trolleybuses - new page added
21st December 2007:-
Riga Trams - new page added
20th December 2007:-
Eastbourne - Allchorn Pleasure Boats - new pages added on the William Allchorn and the WW2 amphibious DUKW - with many new iamges from 2007
17th December 2007:-
Eastbourne - Allchorn Pleasure Boats - new postcard image of William Allchorn - sent by a freiend in Croatia - I have been searching for this card for some time. Summer 2007 images of William Allchorn will be added soon
15th December 2007:-
Queen Elizabeth 2 at Dubrovnik - new images added of QE2 at Dubrovnik in 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004
Cunard - Queen Elizabeth 2 - new page with 2006 images of Cunard's ocean liner, including images at Southampton, Calshot, Dubrovnik and Zeebrugge
Cunard - Queen Elizabeth 2 - additional 2007 images at South Shields (River Tyne) and Dubrovnik
14th December 2007:-
Cunard - Queen Elizabeth 2 - new page with 2007 images of Cunard's ocean liner, including images at Southampton and Rotterdam
13th December 2007:-
Cosens - Emperor of India - new image added of Emperor at India on an excursion at Cherbourg, plus Alexandra at Torquay
Cunard - Queen Victoria - new pages and images on the new Cunard cruise ship, including maiden voyage departure and new postcards
12th December 2007:-
Croydon Tramlink - new images added - complete tram fleet 2530-2553 now illustrated and additional locations shown
10th December 2007:-
Thames - City Cruises - new pages added on City Cruises' Eleanor Rose, Eltham, Ferry Queen, Mayflower Garden, Princess Rose, Vita, Westminster and Witheycombe
8th December 2007:-
Batavier Line - new page started on passenger/cargo line running between Rotterdam-London
David MacBrayne - new images of Lochfyne and Saint Columba
Thames - Joseph Mears - new images of Kingwood, PS Queen Elizabeth (2), Putney (1), Richmond Belle and Royalty, plus an unidentified launch
7th December 2007:-
Cunard - Queen Victoria - new page started on new Cunarder, with images of arrival at Southampton today
27th November 2007:-
The Scholar Ship - Oceanic II - further new images in Sydney, and official postcard of Oceanic II, previously Kungsholm (4), Sea Princess, Victoria and Mona Lisa
Woolwich Free Ferry - new postcard images of Gordon (1), Duncan and Hutton
26th November 2007:-
P&O - Ventura - new page including first images of Ventura moving into dyrdock
Sandbanks Ferry - further new postcard images added of all ferries
25th November 2007:-
Cowes Floating Bridge - new postcard images and history added
24th November 2007:-
Explorer - new page on expedition cruise vessel Explorer, ex-Lindblad Explorer, which sank off Antarctica on 23rd November 2007
22nd November 2007:-
Sandbanks Ferry - new page on the Sandbanks-Studland ferry across Poole Harbour mouth
Dorset Cruises - new pages added on 2007 fleet Dorset Belle and Bournemouth Belle
21st November 2007:-
Plymouth Excursion Boats - new page added to cover Plymouth boats since 1985, covering operators Plymouth Boat Cruises, Tamar Cruising & Cremyll Ferry Co, Sound Cruising and K.J.Bridge. Previously added pages cover the Millbrook SB & Trading Company and Dart Pleasure Craft
18th November 2007:-
River Dart - Riddalls Boats - new images added of Dartmothian and Totnes Princess
17th November 2007:-
River Dart SB Co - new image added of Berry Castle (1)
Brixham Belle Cruises - new image added of Brixham Belle and Torbay Belle
15th November 2007:-
Thames Clippers - Cyclone Clipper - new images added
Thames Clippers - Monsoon Clipper - new images added
Thames Clippers - Tornado Clipper - new images added
Thames Clippers - Typhoon Clipper - new images added
Thames Clippers - Hurricane Clipper - new images added
Thames Clippers - Storm Clipper - new images added
14th November 2007:-
Brittany Ferries - Cotentin - new images of latest Brittany Ferries fleet addition off Portsmouth today
13th November 2007:-
Thames Cruises - new images of Royal Princess, Thames Princess, Old London, Viscountess and Hurlingham
Carnival Header Page - new page showing an Alphabetical List and a Chronological List of all ships in that have been in the Carnival Fleet
Pullmantur - Zenith - new image of Zenith at Dubrovnik
12th November 2007:-
Carnival Cruise Line - new company postcards of Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Festivale, Tropicale, Holiday, Celebration, Carnival Triumph and Fantasy
The Scholar Ship - Oceanic II - new images of Oceanic II in Auckland, previously Kungsholm (4), Sea Princess, Victoria and Mona Lisa
Tramlink Croydon - new pages on the South London tramway network
11th November 2007:-
CGT - French Line - De Grasse - lovely postcard of De Grasse in CGT colours, ex-Bergensfjord (2) and later Rasa Sayang
Festival Cruises - The Azur - new image of The Azur, ex-Eagle and now Royal Iris of Mano Cruises
Thomson Cruises - Thomson Spirit - new image of Thomson Spirit, ex-Nieuw Amsterdam and Patriot
7th November 2007:-
Trinity House - Galatea - new page on latest Trinity House tender Galatea
Trinity House - Alert - new images of 2006 Trinity House tender Alert arriving at Harwich
3rd November 2007:-
JGF Passenger Boats - new images and publicity added
Exemouth-Starcross Ferry - 1966 timetable & cruises handbill added
2nd November 2007:-
Thames Clippers - Hurricane Clipper - many new images added
Thames Clippers - Star Clipper - many new images added
Thames Clippers - Storm Clipper - many new images added
1st November 2007:-
Thames Clippers - Moon Clipper - many new images added
Thames Clippers - Sun Clipper - many new images added
MSC Crociere - MSC Opera - new image of MSC Opera at Flåm
Cunard - Queen Mary 2 - new images of Queen Mary 2 at Le Havre and Cherbourg
Thomson Cruises - Thomson Destiny - new image added of Thomson Destiny, ex-Song of America and Sunbird
Hayling Ferries - new images of Tarpon and an unidentified ferry
31st October 2007:-
Thames Clippers - Sky Clipper - many new images added and updated
Orient Lines - Oriana (1960) - postcard issued for maiden voyage of first
Orient Line - new postcard images of Ormonde (1917) and Orcades (2) (1937)
Canadian Pacific - Montreal (1) - new postcard image of Montreal (ex-Beaver Line)
25th October 2007:-
Southwold - new page on the Suffolk town pier and ferry
Suffolk Piers - new page started on the Suffolk piers
22nd October 2007:-
Brixham Belle Cruises (Carol & Peter Scott) - new page on the Devon excursion boat company
River Dart Steamboat Company - new images added
Millbrook SB & Trading Company - new images added
River Dart Car Ferries - additional 2007 images added
20th October 2007:-
Dart Pleasure Craft - new images of Cardiff Castle, Dart Explorer, Dartmouth Princess, Dart Venturer, Dittisham Princess, Edgcumbe Belle, Kingswear Belle and Plymouth Belle
River Dart Car Ferries - new page on the Dartmouth Lower Ferry and Dartmouth Higher Ferry
14th October 2007:-
Devon Dock, Pier & SS Co - updated page with new images and boats
Exe to Sea Ferries - new page on current Starcross ferry operators
13th October 2007:-
Thames River Boats - new images of ex-Joseph Mears boats Viscount, Connaught and Kingwood, all built by Salter Brothers
12th October 2007:-
Thames Cruises - new images of pre-war launches Hurlingham, Royal Princess and Viscountess
11th October 2007:-
Western Lady Ferry Service - new images of Western Lady, Western Lady III and Western Lady IV plus a couple of handbills
Devon Princess Cruises - new page on Devon Princess Cruises, also marketed as Avocet Cruises, now using the Dartmouth Castle (built: 1948), previously with the River Dart SB Co, Millbrook SB Co and Dart Pleasure Craft
10th October 2007:-
Tilbury-Gravesend Ferries - new images of Carlotta, Rose (1), Rose (2) and Gertrude plus Gravesend Town Pier
7th October 2007:-
Thames Clippers - Typhoon Clipper - new page on new Typhoon Clipper
Capital Pleasure Boats - Golden Star - new page with new iamges of Golden Star, ex-New Forrester of Southampton-Hythe ferry
Capital Pleasure Boats - River Thames - new pages also created on Golden Flame (ex-Rosewood), Golden Jubilee (ex-Leisure Scene) and Sundance (ex-Solent Enterprise)
3rd October 2007:-
Catamaran Cruisers - updated coverage of the Catamaran Cruisers fleet, plus new pages on Chevening, Hydrospace Alpha, Hydrospace Gamma, Hydrospace Delta, Pridela and Valulla
Thames Clippers - Tornado Clipper - new page on the new Thames Clippers catamaran in service
Thames Clippers - Hurricane Clipper - new page with new images
1st October 2007:-
Catamaran Cruisers - Last Day - new page of images taken on final day of Catamaran Cruisers Thames services to Greenwich on 30th September 2007
29th September 2007:-
Western Lady III - Page 2 - new second page on Western Lady III at Swanage
28th September 2007:-
Woolwich Ferry - further images added to the new Thames ferry service page
27th September 2007:-
Jadrolinija - Mostar - more images of Mostar in Jadrolinija service and as Prince Albert and Harmony II
Jadrolinija - Dalmacija - early postcard images of Dalmacija now with Adriatic Cruises
Jadrolinija - Istra - early postcard images of Istra now with Classic International as Arion
Arion & Dalmaciya - additional images of Dalmacija and sister Arion together at Dubrovnik
24th September 2007:-
Saga Cruises - Spirit of Adventure - new images of Spirit of Adventure on the Seine near le Havre
Fleetwood-Knott End Ferry - new image of current ferry Wyre Rose
Jadrolinija - Mostar - new images of ex-Mostar on the Thames as Harmony II
23rd September 2007:-
Joseph Mears/Thames Launches - new historic images of steam launches Abercorn, Connaught, England, Queen Elizabeth (3), Richmond Belle, Vigilant, and Viscount
Salter Brothers - new historic images of steam launches Alaska, Hampton Court, Marlow, Reading and Sonning
21st September 2007:-
Arion & Dalmaciya - new image of Dalmacija and sister Arion together at Dubrovnik
DALMACIYA & ARION   Photo: © Ivo Batricevic, Dubrovnik, 20th September 2007
20th September 2007:-
Adiatic Cruises - Dalmaciya - new page of Dalmaciya on an Adriatic cruise, including interiors
Corinthian II - new images of Corinthian II, ex-Renaissance Seven
17th September 2007:-
Deilmann - Berlin - new images of Berlin as Orange Melody and Spirit of Adventure
Saga Cruises - Spirit of Adventure - new images of Spirit of Adventure
Thames - Capital Pleasure Boats - new images of Golden Flame, Golden Jubilee and Golden Star
16th September 2007:-
Thames - Viscount - new page on ex-Mears launch Viscount, including new images acting as tender to Deutschland
Deilmann - Deutschland - upgraded page on the Deutschland with new images at Dubrovnik, Kiel and London
14th September 2007:-
Croson - Bournemouth Queen - new images of Bournemouth Queen and Rochester Queen (4) (ex-Coronia at Scarborough)
Silversea - Silver Shadow - new images of Silver Shadow at Greenwich, River Thames
13th September 2007:-
Louis Cruises - Sea Diamond - new images of rare official postcards of lost cruise liner Sea Diamond
12th September 2007:-
Thames - Hurlingham - new page on Hurlingham of Thames Cruises with new images
Thames - Golden Jubilee - new images of the Golden Jubilee of Capital Pleasure Boats, ex-Leisure Scene of Blue Funnel Cruises
11th September 2007:-
Dover - new images of piers and docks at Dover - both historic postcards and 2007 images
Fairmile 'B' - ML357 - new page on one of the four surviving Fairmiles in the UK, now a houseboat
9th September 2007:-
Woolwich Free Ferry - new page on the Woolwich Ferry
Thames Steamers - new page featuring 1949-51 photos of Thames pleasure launches by David Lord
6th September 2007:-
Celebrity Solstice - Advance publicty image of Celebrity Solstice
7th September 2007:- Western Lady III In Service at Swanage
Western Lady III - new page on the ex-WW2 Fairmile 'B' at Swanage - more pages to be added
3rd September 2007:-
Polar Star Expeditions - new images as Polar Star and as Swedish ice-breaker Njord
Orient Lines - Marco Polo - new images of Marco Polo at Dubrovnik in 2004-2006
Louis Cruise Lines - Orient Queen - new images of Orient Queen at Dubrovnik in 2007
MSC Crociere - new images of MSC Orchestra and MSC Armonia at Dubrovnik in June 2007
Pullmantur - Zenith - new images of Zenith (ex-Celebrity) at Dubrovnik in June 2007
2nd September 2007:-
Northlink - Hjaltland - new images of Hjaltland and Hrossey with additional cabins added aft
Hurtigrute - Fram - new images of new Hurtigrute Fram at Lerwick in May 2007
Hurtigrute - new postcards of Hurtigrute in new 2007 colours
1st September 2007:- Cunard's Queen Victoria Starts Sea Trials
Cunard - Queen Victoria - images of Queen Victoria leaving Trieste for sea trials today
Nordic Jet Line - new page on Helsinki-Tallinn fast ferry service and catamarans Baltic Jet and Nordic Jet
Eckerö Line - new images of Nordlandia and Translandia at Helsinki
DFDS Seaways - new images of Pearl of Scandinavia at Helsingborg and Copenhagen. and Crown of Scandinavia leaving Copenhagen
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