Trave-Line (1966-76)
Saga Line (1976-80)
TT-Saga Line (1980-89)
This page is devoted to postcards of the Helsingborg-Tuborg (Copenhagen)-Travemünde and Helsingborg-Malmö-Travemünde routes operated under the Trave-Line and Saga Line banners, using ships owned by Lion Ferry and Stockholms Rederi AB Svea. An alphabetical list of ships shown on this page is shown below. The Table beneath gives links to complete postcard history pages on selected individual ships Below the table are official postcards of the fleet in chronological order.
Ships on This Page:-
Svea Drott (1966-1974)
Kronprins Carl Gustaf (1967-1969)
Sveaborg (1969-1977)
Svealand (1972-1977)
Gustav Vasa (2) (1973-1983)
Svea Star (1974-1976)
Nils Dacke (1975-1982)
Saga Star (1981-1988)
Saga Wind (1983-1989)
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Table of Ship Histories


Other names

 Gustav Vasa (2)  Norröna (1),  Norröna I, Logos Hope

 Nils Dacke  Quiberon

 Saga Star  Girolata, Dieppe

 Saga Wind  Svealand, Sea Wind

 Sveaborg  Finnpartner, Peer Gynt, Stena Baltica, Ialyssos

 Svealand  Saga Star, Sea Wind

 Svea Drott  Earl Godwin, Moby Baby

 Svea Star  Freeport, Scandinavian Sun, Balanga Queen, Discovery Sun

Fleet List
Svea Drott
Svea Drott was built for Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm in 1966 by Ab Öresundvarvet, Landskrona. She entered traffic on the Trave-Line service between Helsingborg-Travemünde, later changing to Helsingborg-Copenhagen-Travemünde. In 1974 she was bareboat chartered to Rederi Ab Gotland, Visby, for service between Visby-Oskarshamn. She was then sub-chartered to British Railways for their Weymouth-Channel Islands services, followed by purchase in 1975 and renaming to Earl Godwin. Whilst working predominantly out of Weymouth, she also operated for periods on Portsmouth-Channel Islands, Weymouth-Cherbourg and even Heysham-Belfast. In 1990, Earl Godwin was sold to Moby Lines for use as Moby Baby between Piombino-Portoferraio (Elba).
A complete history is this ship is available on this link.
Official Trave-Line (Scandinavian Ferry Lines) postcard of Svea Drott.
Official Trave-Line (Scandinavian Ferry Lines) postcard of Svea Drott.
Schöning postcard Tra677 of Svea Drott.
H.Håkansson postcard 965/23 of Svea Drott at Helsingborg.
A.Duncan photographic postcard of Svea Drott.
Ramsey postcard 64 of Svea Drott, sub-chartered from Rederi AB Gotland to British Rail for service between Weymouth and the Channel Islands.
Kronprins Carl Gustaf
4020grt - 110.20m long - 11400hp - 21.5 knots - 900 passengers - 284 berths - 154cars
Kronprins Carl Gustaf was built in 1966 by Werft Nobiskrug, Rendsburg for Lion Ferry Ab of Halmstad. Her sisterships were Prins Bertil and Gustav Vasa, and the B&I Line ferries Munster, Leinster and Innisfallen were developments of the design. Kronprins Carl Gustaf entered service for Lion Ferry between Halmstad-Copenhagen-Travemünde. In 1967 she was transferred to the Trave Line service Helsingborg-Copenhagen-Travemünde. Kronprins Carl Gustaf was chartered to SJ (Statens Järnvägar - Swedish State Railways) in 1969 for their Malmö-Travemünde route. From 1972 this service was run by Rederi Ab Öresund. In 1975, Kronprins Carl Gustaf was sold to Polskie Linijskie Oceanica and renamed Wilanow, for service between Ystad-Swinoujscie. Ownership of Wilanow was transferred to Polska Zeluga Baltycka in 1977 for Swinoujscie-Rønne/ Ystad/ Copenhagen service, marketed as Polferries. In 1991 Wilanow was rebuilt in Gdansk with more berths. She was sold in 1997 to SEM Maritime, and renamed Split 1700 for eastern Mediterranean service.
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.
Official Lion Ferry postcard of Kronprins Carl Gustaf.
Official Lion Ferry postcard of Kronprins Carl Gustaf.
Official postcard of Kronprins Carl Gustaf in Malmö-Travemünde service.
Sveaborg was built as the Finnpartner (her sistership was Finnhansa) and was delivered in 1966 by Oy Wärtsilä Ab, Helsinki, to Finnlines for the route Helsinki-Slite/Nynäshamn-Karlskrona-Lübeck service. In 1968 she was sold to Oy Svea Line (Finland), owned by Stockholms Rederi Ab Svea and chartered back to Finnlines. In 1969 she was renamed Sveaborg for the Trave-Line service Helsingborg-Copenhagen-Trävemünde. In 1972 Sveaborg was sold to the parent company Stockholms Rederi Ab Svea. She was renamed Peer Gynt in 1977, and chartered to Aarhus-Oslo Line. The following year she was sold to Stena Line AB and renamed Stena Baltica, for use as an accommodation ship for North Sea oil workers. In 1982 she was sold for Greek service between Rhodes-Piraeus as the Ialyssos of Dane Sea Lines.
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.
Two very similar official Trave-Line (Scandinavian Ferry Lines) postcards of Sveaborg.
Schöning postcard Tra816 of Sveaborg.
Svealand (1972-1977)
Saga Wind (1983-1989)
Svealand was built in 1972 by Helsingörs Skipsværft Helsingör for the Trave Line service between Helsingborg-Travemünde. In 1976, the service passed to Saga Linjen. In 1981 Svealand transferred to TT-Saga Linjen for their Travemünde-Trelleborg route. Ownership at this time was Johnson Line. In 1983, ownership passed to Scandinavian Ferry Line, and she was renamed Saga Wind that year. In 1989 she moved to the Stockholm-Åbo route of SeaWind Line, and was renamed Sea Wind.
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.
Official Trave-Line (Scandinavian Ferry Lines) postcard of Svealand.
Postcard of Saga Wind in TT-Saga Line colours.

Gustav Vasa (2)
(Lion Ferry: 1973-1983)
Gustav Vasa (2) was built in Rendsburg in 1973 for Lion Ferry AB. She entered service with a charter to Svenska Rederi Ab Öresund between Malmö-Travemünde. In 1976 Trave Line and Svenska Rederi Ab Öresund combined to form Saga Line, and Gustav Vasa (2) continued to serve between Helsingborg/Malmö and Travemünde. In 1980 Saga Line joined with TT Line to form TT-Saga Line. Gustav Vasa (2) continued to serve between Malmö and Travemünde, but also served between Travemünde-Rönne and Trelleborg-Travemünde.
In April 1983, Gustav Vasa (2) was sold to Smyril Line (Faroes) as Norröna, for their summer network of services to Torshavn from Lerwick, Bergen, Hantsholm and Seydisfjördur. Norröna was often chartered in the winter to cover other operators' overhaul schedules, serving Kiel-Korsör in 1983/84, TT-Line in 1984/85 etc. In 1988 Norröna had charters with Larvik Line and GT-Link. Subsequent charters were with B&I Line, Sealink and Fjord Line. In 2000, Norröna was rebuilt in Fredericia with stability sponsons aft. In 2003, Norröna was renamed Norröna I, to release the name for her replacement, delivered that year. In January 2004, Norröna I covered for her replacement between Hanstholm-Torshavn-Lerwick-Hanstholm. In January 2004, Norröna I covered for Norröna (2) between Hanstholm-Torshavn-Lerwick-Hanstholm, after which she was laid up in Copenhagen. In March 2004, Norröna I was sold to Operation Mobilisation Logos Ltd, Valletta, Malta, who renamed her Logos Hope.
Logos Hope remained in Copenhagen until February 2005, when she was taken to Bijela-Shipyard, Montenegro for rebuilding, but was soon transferred to Valletta before work was carried out. In June 2005 Logos Hope was taken to Togir, Croatia, for rebuilding.
Malmö-Travemünde Line (Öresund ) postcard of Gustav Vasa (2).
Malmö-Travemünde Line (Öresund ) postcard of Gustav Vasa (2).
Svea Star
Svea Star was built in 1968 by Orenstein-Koppel und Lübecker Machinenbau, Lübeck, for the Miami Terminal Transport Co (Freeport Cruise Line) as Freeport I, running between Miami-Freeport. In 1973, she was sold to Oy Birka Line Ab, Mariehamn, and renamed Freeport for cruises between Stockholm-Helsinki. Later the same year, Freeport was sold again to Rederi Ab Svea, Stockholm for the Trave-Line service Helsingborg-Tuborg (Copenhagen)-Travemünde as Svea Star. After a period as Caribe Bremen, she was sold to Scandinavian World Cruises as the Scandinavian Sun for a Miami-Freeport service. She was chartered to SeaEscape Cruises in 1985, followed by purchase in 1988. In 1992, Scandinavian Sun was sold to Belle Meade Shipping, and renamed Balanga Queen for the Corona Line between Karlskrona-Gdynia. In 1994 Balanga Queen was chartered to Hansatee, Tallinn, Estonia, and used on a Tallink route Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn-Travemünde. The same year, she returned to the Caribbean as Discovery Sun for Discovery Cruise Line.
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.

Official Trave-Line (Scandinavian Ferry Lines) postcard of Svea Star.
Schöning & Schmidt postcard Tra940 of Svea Star.
Schöning & Schmidt postcard Tra940 of Svea Star.
Schöning & Schmidt postcard of Svea Star.
Nils Dacke
7927 grt - 129m long - 1140 passengers -252 cars - 540 lanemetres - 22 knots
Nils Dacke was built for Lion Ferry in 1975 by Werft Nobiskrug GmbH, Rendsburg. She was chartered to Rederi Ab Öresund for use between Malmö-Travemünde, retaining Lion Ferry crew. In 1976, the service became known as Saga Line, serving Helsingborg/Malmö-Travemünde. From 1980, the service was operated by TT Saga Line, between Malmö-Travemünde. In 1982, Nils Dacke was chartered to Brittany Ferries as the Quiberon between Plymouth-Santander Plymouth-Roscoff and Roscoff-Cork. Quiberon was purchased by Brittany Ferries two years later. She operated on various Brittany Ferries routes until 2002, when she finished her career between Portsmouth-Caen, whilst awaiting delivery of the delayed Mont St Michel. Quiberon was then sold to Linee Lauro, for use in the Mediterranean, initially Séte-Palma.
A complete history of this shipis available on this link.
Official Malmö-Travemünde postcard of Nils Dacke.
Photograph of Nils Dacke in Saga Line colours.
Photo: © Frank Heine.
Saga Star
Saga Star was built in 1981 by Fartygsentreprenader Ab, Uddevalla for TT-Saga Linjen services Helsingborg/Malmö/Trelleborg to Travemünde. In 1988 she was sold to CMN and entered service with them as the Girolata in 1989 between Marseille-Bastia. In 1993 she was chartered back to TT-Line, reverting to previous name Saga Star. TT-Line purchased her in 1997. In 2002 she was sold to Transmanche Ferries and entered service between Newhaven-Dieppe as the Dieppe.
A complete history of this ship is available on this link.
Official TT-Saga Line postcard of Saga Star.
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